<VV> Corvairs with 'Antique' plates ?

The Robbins therobbins82 at gmail.com
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Sounds like you have to me. I don't know the law and don't claim too. I
thought that those cheap plates allowed you to go to a club function,
parade, or the shop and that is it. As I said, don't know and don't care I
have a real plate, so have at it

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Abuse is in the eye of the beholder.  If I drive on my AV plate to 
Springfield for the SEC of State (like DMV) display and the back home - and 
later to Cedar Rapids for convention - and maybe another few hundred miles 
on local club events plus a couple thousand for personal use... have I 
violated the rules - or intent - of an AV plate?

On the other hand, I HAVE seen the occasional AV plate on a - to me - 
"junker" on the road.  Has to be 25yrs or more to qualify in the first 
place.  So, who is to say if that "junker" is not a "work in progress" and 
ALSO being enjoyed during the "in progress" period.

I've also seen street rods that look as if they might (or might not) have 
once been a model T sporting AV plates doing "spin outs" at local "cruise 
nights".  To me, they don't qualify - but it takes a police officer and a 
court to decide that in each individual case.

Later, JR

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> In Il. I see people abusing the Antique plates all the time, why not they
> are super cheap and what are the odds of getting busted? I have the
> regulation plate, never even considered the short cut.
> AH of BBRT

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