<VV> original plates on a collector car

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Sounds like they earned their name. (G)


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> From: W Halsey <hihal at roadrunner.com>
> Subject: <VV>  original plates on a collector car
> I grew up in WV and one of the unique businesses that I remember was a
> license service. They had a reputation of being able to cut through red
> and likely have inside contacts. The business is called Slicks License
> Service and has been around at least 40 years. I would give them a call
> see what they can do for you instead of talking to the BMV folks direct.
> Wade Halsey
> Beckley, WV 25801
>    - (304) 253-5853
> Bill Stanley wrote:
> <One of my Corvairs came with its original plates and I have been  very
> thankful that the previous two owners did not keep them. ***"By original
> to a car" I mean the very first set of plates the car ever had.>
> This presents an interesting question.  I've long dreamt of locating  my
> big sister's '63 Monza.  She bought it new at a year-end close-out sale 
> late August.  I still have its original plates but they were for '64 as
> West
> Virginia, in those days, was issuing '64 plates by late August '63 when
> titled it (she bought it in Ohio to save on sales tax).  I wonder, if I
> found and acquired the car, if I were for some reason to go back to West
> Virginia to register it, if I could persuade the West Virginia DMV  that
> '64
> plates should be allowed for this '63 model car since they were  afterall
> the first plates that the W.Va. DMV issued for the car when it was  brand
> new?
> ~Bil Stanley

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