<VV> Unexpected non-technical Corvair benefit

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Wow Chuck, good job. Boy oh boy. Sometimes I wished I wasn't married (we just celebrated our 17th last week). Luckily, I don't have daughters. Unfortuneately my son aged 14 doesn't much want a Corvair yet. Instead he wants to drive a full sized pickup truck. But his first car will be my '88 Volvo 240 wagon. I bought it new but it no longer is as nice as it used to be. In fact it's rapidly becoming a beater, but still very safe. And the 4 cylinder automatic non-turbo has the perfect amount of power for a first time driver. Wish me luck.
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado

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>Well, nobody really objected to my original post on this story, so I'm  
>dropping the other shoe. Here's a pic of said daughter and said car,  
>taken when she just turned 17 and had been driving  it for ~6 months.  
>By the way, it's a 3-speed manual, and the non-synchro doesn't bother  
>her a bit. Pretty cool little hood ornament. (And this pic MIGHT have  
>made it into a GM advertising brochure.)
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>On Apr 2, 2010, at 10:17 PM, Charles McKinley wrote:
>> I might be skirting trouble posting this story, but I thought most  
>> of you would identify with it, so, as they say, better to ask  
>> forgiveness after the fact than ask permission and be squelched.
>> When my daughter was about 12 she insisted that I save my '63 Monza  
>> 900 for her when she was road-legal, and she commuted with it for  
>> her last two years of high school, to the admiration of many and the  
>> curiosity of all. It remains her prize possession and her vehicle of  
>> choice.
>> 	She is now 18 and in a music theater program at a prominent  
>> conservatory for performing arts in a major northeastern city, which  
>> I will not name to avoid libel suits. 	Show business being what it  
>> is, almost all the male members of the class are, shall we say,  
>> light in the loafers, and while she admires them all as performing  
>> associates, they leave a bit to be desired as weekend companions.
>> 	She was recently home for spring break and drove the Vair at every  
>> opportunity. I asked her if she appreciated various improvements I'd  
>> made since the last time she drove it. Her answer struck me as  
>> provocative and completely unexpected - she said, "Yes! It makes  
>> straight guys stare at me!"
>> I doubt if that would ever make it into a GM advertising brochure.
>> Cheers,
>> Chuck McKinley
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