<VV> Earliest Corvair found - again!

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Pete, I'm not surprised you found it. Tomorrow I will be sending you pics of the 1960 I found in Cortez Colorado along with all the numbers and pictures I took. It has no value and seems to be a middle of the run '60 700 4 door but I've got all the numbers for you as I promised last summer in Jax. I'll be sending it to you off line. Congrats again on finding 375.
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado

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>There was some chatter here on VV a little while back 
>about the black 1960 Corvair sedan #375 that was up on 
>eBay a year and a half ago. Some speculated that the 
>reason why we hadn't heard anything about it after the 
>auction(s) was because the car may have been sold again on 
>another auction venue. I found out today that is not true.
>I tried to call the man who owned the used car lot and ran 
>the eBay auction back in 2008. I found his name and phone 
>number after a Google search on the Internet. When that 
>number turned up out of service I used Mapquest to locate 
>businesses in town close to the used car lot. I found out 
>that Terry Schultz, the guy selling #375 had died of a 
>heart attack last year! I spoke to his dad and asked about 
>the black Corvair. He said that they still had it!
>When Terry passed he left behind a rather large, eclectic 
>collection of collector cars. When I was in Indiana 
>looking at #375 he gave me the grand tour of the barn and 
>other out buildings. Cool stuff! Now his dad is going to 
>have to sell off the cars to settle the estate. He has the 
>power to do just that, so I left an offer for #375. I also 
>offered to help him find buyers for the other Corvairs in 
>the collection. As I recall, he has a 1969 Monza 
>convertible, another late model, a deluxe Rampside 
>(rusty!) and a drive-able Greenbrier. There were at least 
>50-60 other cars under cover as well. Bob Schultz said 
>that his son wasn't the best at documentation so he is not 
>sure what Terry paid for most of the cars and trucks.
>If anybody has an interest in any of the Schultz Corvairs 
>please contact me off-list and I will try to help you 
>arrange a meeting. If #375 is to be sold I guess I am 
>ready to tackle that project. Back in 2008 I backed away 
>because I had just purchased Tom Fader's miles better 
>white '60 500 sedan for half of what Terry wanted for the 
>black car. Now that I have restored the Fader '60 and it 
>turned out so nice I really would like to restore #375; 
>the Oldest known surviving Corvair on the planet. - 
>Caveman Pete
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