<VV> 67 PG Hemet - History

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProPer.com
Mon Apr 5 23:31:37 EDT 2010

My Monza was originally bought by a cop (used) in Temecula, CA, who was 
going to fix it up.
He was going to send her to the crusher because his wife had other plans for 
his spare time.
I know that hardly ever happens, right ?

She pinged and knocked a lot (the car, not his wife ?) on the way home where 
she would be safe from the crusher and decorate my driveway instead of 
sitting under that tree !
She did drive fairly well and the pinging and knocking cleared up after a 
tank or two of Hi-test and a few trips to LA and back.
She needed tires, brakes, fluids, the usual things to treat her right and be 
safe, so I "put her away" until I had time.

I didn't have much time for a project, it's a pretty car (especially after 
adding 14" Keystone Klassics to replace the balonies that were on there.)

So there she sat with me feeling good about having rescued her (see other 
thread about collecting strays) and just admiring her when I parked my Ford 
in front of her, thinking of the day I would do her justice.

That was about 1997 ...
Sorry to admit that, but being automatic and not a convertible, I wasn't as 
excited as I should have been, and settled for looking at her, wishing she 
were a convertible, or at least a 4-speed !

She's been on a "non-op" registration that prevents (theoretically, and I 
don't want to test that theory) is not permitted to even touch the pavement 
without hefty fines, etc, so ...

But the LM is a beautiful car and even more fun to drive, and deserves 
better, especially after listening to you guys doing all your work and 
hearing your stories !
I have more time now (and of course, less money) so it's about d**n time I 
join into the fun and fray of it !

It took a while just to get her running again, and I don't want to lose my 
momentum (for what that's worth), although she's still on "non-op" so I 
can't drive her until I get all the "big parts" fixed, and know that I won't 
do her any harm.

I used to do all this myself, but got sidetracked with OBD-II problems (with 
Fords) and yearn for the simplicity of Corvair "electronics" !

Once I get her on the road I won't want to take her off, so I want it to be 
right first ...

So, thanks for listening to my self-pep-talk ...


She has about 80 K original miles and great floors, trunk, etc, but minor WS 
and edge rust, but solid.

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> B-12 is a stronger solution, does the same thing ,only a bit better. Vair 
> engines are normally a bit noisy, being air cooled, not having the water 
> to absorb the noise. But once its running right, you wont be able to hear 
> the lifters, provided they are adjusted correctly..  I do hope you drained 
> the old gas, if not you are in danger of ruining the engine with it. Yes, 
> the B-12 should go in the engine oil to thin it some, loosen the varnish 
> and other crud formed from sitting all those years. It will burn, too, so 
> can be used as a starting fluid. Now, I know many other mechanics will 
> tell you dont do that, but in my experience with just a few revived vair 
> engines, it tells me it works. the marvel oil wont help much , that is a 
> waste of good oil.
> do you recall why the car was parked so long ago, what was the trans 
> trouble ?
> Let me know.
> Lew

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