<VV> oldest Vair-revisited

MarPack57 at aol.com MarPack57 at aol.com
Wed Apr 7 16:38:43 EDT 2010

With all the discussion about #375 I had to chime in with a pending 
purchase of mine. My buddy Pete K has offered me Canadian Corvair #236, oldest 
documented Canadian Vair known. It is a 60 "500" sedan built January 1960  in 
Oshawa. Some of you might remember it was the Cole award winner at the 91 
CORSA convention in Wash DC. It's not been used much since then and thankfully 
has had some good people caring for it along the way.
    I'm excited about getting it. It will "retire" to sunny Florida to keep 
my 60 "700" coupe company.

     PS- what body number was the green 60 that was on display in Detroit 
next to #5999. I know it was very early.

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