<VV> oldest Vair-revisited

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Just for clarification...

Canadian # 236 is probably a younger vehicle (built after) than Willow Run # 
375.  Someone (not me) has info on when each plant started and how many cars 
were built per day.

Later, JR

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> With all the discussion about #375 I had to chime in with a pending
> purchase of mine. My buddy Pete K has offered me Canadian Corvair #236, 
> oldest
> documented Canadian Vair known. It is a 60 "500" sedan built January 1960 
> in
> Oshawa. Some of you might remember it was the Cole award winner at the 91
> CORSA convention in Wash DC. It's not been used much since then and 
> thankfully
> has had some good people caring for it along the way.
>    I'm excited about getting it. It will "retire" to sunny Florida to keep
> my 60 "700" coupe company.
>     Ed

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