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Thu Apr 8 17:59:15 EDT 2010

(I have revised the subject line so that those put off by discussion of 
CORSA matters can tune out.)

Harry Jensen, wrote:
> Hi--
> Well, the convention is a CORSA convention. It's main function is to 
> serve the membership of the club and the participants in particular.
> Yes, there was one year when the concours was held after a moving event. 
> And the participants, mainly the Cole competitors, complainted that it 
> put them at a disadvantage compared with the other concours competitors.
> You assert that the best interests of the club as a whole are not being 
> served. Care to go into more specifics?

Bob Marlow now replies:

To judge by what I have observed in recent years, and to judge by the 
responses thus far, the principal consideration driving the makeup of 
convention schedules is not only the assertion that the "concours has to 
be the first event," but also that the concours has to be the first 
event for the benefit of the Cole competitors -- a group that represents 
a small subset of convention attendees and an equally small if not 
smaller subset of CORSA membership as whole.

Scheduling should be based on the broadest cross-section, not one of the 

The concours should be placed on the schedule where it best fits the 
interests of ALL who may wish to enter, all who may wish to view, and 
all whose interests lie in other areas of the hobby.  Depending on many 
factors, sometimes this may mean early in the convention schedule and 
sometimes it may mean late in the convention schedule.  But it should 
never mean "concours has to be the first event."


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