<VV> Concours first? (was: Iowa Convention Schedule)

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Thu Apr 8 18:35:58 EDT 2010

And your problem is.......?

A question of theoretical imagination, or one that is real and causing a
"major difficulty" in this year's scheduling? And if it's real, please feel
free to explain in detail. Include as to why the convention schedule
couldn't be adjusted and set so as to still accomodate having the concours
before any moving event.

Heck, we've already accomodated the whiners who had complained about the
convention being "too long" by hacking off, er, scheduling the "People's
Choice" car display/concours to "outside" (or should I say, at the end) of
the convention schedule. Wonder how many are going to "stick around" for it?

To me (and maybe a lot of others) the Banquet ENDS the convention.


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> Subject: Concours first? (was: Iowa  Convention Schedule)
> There is not necessarily anything wrong with the concours being the 
> first event.  What is wrong is blind adherence to the notion that the 
> concours MUST be first.  Must it?  Is that automatically best for every 
> convention?  Is it the best use of the available venues?  Is it the day 
> best accessible to the greatest number of potential participants and 
> spectators, or is it only best for the Cole competitors?
> --Bob Marlow

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