<VV> Convention Schedule

Ken Maxwell kobramax at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 9 10:57:55 EDT 2010

Hi All!


I must admit that I was pretty surprised when I attended my first convention
in 2001 after a 20 year absence, to find that the concours and car display
were held on the first full day of the almost week long convention. To me,
and I think most others, the concours and car display should be the climax
of all the events, with the rally, Econo-run and autocross leading up to
them. To have the most public oriented event scheduled on a mid-week day
doesn't make sense to me. I know that it takes time to make the plaques and
I know Cole competitors could be at a disadvantage, but a Friday or Saturday
concours and car display make the most sense to me. I think that this year's
convention is making some progress by having the car display late and
shortening the overall convention. 


Ken Maxwell

Louisville, KY


65 Spyder

67 Monza


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