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James P. Rice ricebugg at mtco.com
Fri Apr 9 13:04:42 EDT 2010

But Bob:  For many of us, it is not the same schedule every year, it is the
same schedule once every three years.  Redundancy and variation are not
mutually exclusive, if both are done for good reason, rather than just
personal preference.  I think the autocross and other moving car events have
flipped-flopped around due to the availability of large parking lots.
Screwing around with the normal schedule just because you can is a really
bad reason to do it.  Arbitrary and capricious come to mind.

Bob's "I think that each convention should strive to be distinctive,
distinctive in terms of many things, including scheduling." is a wonderful
goal.  But, in my opinion and hearts desire,  the "distinctive in terms of
many things" is dependent on convention location.  As I said, I like the
current schedule consistency of the major events.  I don't go to conventions
for just the car specific events.  It is fun being a tourist with friends.

Clark's idea about undercarriage has merit.  Haven't there been conventions
where undercarriages were not judge do to rain?  Did the free world as we
know it come to an end?

Get back to the meeting schedule issue.

Historically Your,

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Ken Pepke wrote:

having a standard established schedule would minimize complaints.

Harry Jensen wrote:

We reach a point where the time to conduct all the different events
is greater than the time in each day

Bob now replies:

Unlike Ken, I think a standardized schedule will make the conventions
even more same-ol same-ol than they are already.  I think that each
convention should strive to be distinctive, distinctive in terms of
many things, including scheduling.

Harry's comment illustrates the point.  Through the years, we have
added events, such that the convention schedules have grown and grown
and grown to the point that they no longer comfortably fit into the
available days and hours.

The solution, I think, is to go back to the CORSA by-laws, which
mandate only a small number of things for the convention.  The
concours is a requirement, as is the general membership meeting, as
is an unspecified competitive moving event, as are a few
generally-described thing such as vendors and tech sessions.  Nothing
says that we have to try to do EVERYTHING at EVERY convention.  Mix
it up.  Don't try to do it all, all over again, every year.

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