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I would not drive over 700 miles to read a book.


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> All:  Reality check.  This thread, now becoming strong enough to strangle,
> started not about the "Major Events" scheduling, if I may use that term
> without diminishing anyone's favorite event or meeting.  The issue began
> about the meetings seemingly stacked concurrently so those with broad
> interest cannot attend them all.
> So, please get back to the topic of the meetings.  If you don't like the
> meetings schedule, create an alternate one and send to Harry and the
> convention people.  Don't whine, do something...useful.
> And please understand, I haven't viewed the schedule to determine if I 
> have
> any scheduling conflicts.  It is much to early to consider such things.
> I'll deal with what will be in two months in two months.  I'll let some of
> you deal with what, in your opinion, could/should/ought to be.
> I deal with scheduling conflicts over attending my really important grand
> kids events all the time.  I've yet to figure out how to be two hours 
> apart
> at the same time.  So this is the smallest of issues for me.  Because I do
> not have the same broad interest as some of you, I'll probably bring one 
> of
> the many unread books I have and just hang out in a comfortable seat in 
> the
> lobby and let you try and find me if you are so inclined.
> Personally, I like the sequence of the "Major Events".  But I can see the
> Concours only people being PO at having to hang around a couple days to 
> get
> their trophies.  Just like the autocrossers who attend the non-convention
> autocross/track day on the Sunday before the festivities begin have to 
> hang
> around to run their event and get their trophies.  But I prefer to think 
> of
> it as hanging out together rather than reluctantly hanging around.
> Historically Yours,
> James Rice
> PS:  Mark:  I think they scheduled meetings on top of each other
> specifically to cause you heart burn.  You are so much fun to watch when 
> you
> have heart burn.  VBG!!!

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