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Reading Pete Koehler's article on Original Corvairs, made me think to drop a note to a gentleman that had (as of 2 years ago) an all-original 28,000 mile 66 Corsa coupe.  Sitting since the early 90s.  He responded to my note saying he was happy to hear from me and would like to sell me his car.  Now, I know it's impossible to put a value on a car sight un-seen but I haven't bought/sold or even monitored the values of Corvairs for some time.  I'll try to describe the car and maybe someone can chime in with some ideas on where the price negotiations should start...

66 Corsa Coupe
No special options other than a dealer-installed trailer hitch and wiring.
Red exterior (factory paint still shines)
Black interior - pretty moldy
The car is 100% complete
There is some small rust perforations over the rear wheel wells and a small nickel size spot ahead of the door in the usual spot behind the front wheel.  No rust at the windshield or bottom of the trunk.  Might be a little spot behind the rear wheel in the usual spot too.  All rust could be repaired without a complete repaint.

The bad news is that the engine is stuck.  It "ran when parked" but I cannot turn it by hand.
Was owned since nearly new by the owner of a Chevrolet dealership till he passed in the early 90s.  I suspect, although I haven't asked, that he has all documentation on the car since new.  (It was sold new at the gentleman's dealership).

Commments/opinions welcome!


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