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Bruce Schug bwschug at att.net
Sun Apr 11 08:29:16 EDT 2010

On Apr 11, 2010, at 6:53 AM, kenpepke at juno.com wrote:

> Every once in a while someone mentions 'digest mode.'  Sorry to say  
> I do not understand this term.  When I reply to a VV post am I also  
> replying to a digest mode?  Do I even receive posts which have been  
> sent in 'digest mode?'  Is there a way to tell?   There are lots of  
> ways members reply to VV.  Some reply with just an answer ...  
> frequently I have forgotten the original post so their answer means  
> nothing.  Others reply with 'snips' which is a big help towards  
> understanding, and then some, myself included, that usually top or  
> bottom re-post the entire original so readers can refer back for the  
> context in which both the original and the reply was posted.  Come  
> to think of it, am I receiving and sending in digest mode?  When I  
> log on to my computer I receive a list of 'new' emails.  The columns  
> of that list include sender name, subject, and date.  I am able to  
> delete any line I chose based on that information or I can click on  
> any line to read the contents.  Is this different
> than some, or any, other participants?  Should I be concerned or  
> should I just use my delete key on rants?


I have my e-mail set up a bit differently and it really helps me sort  
through them.

I use Apple's Mail program, but I presume typical PC e-mail programs  
can do the same.  I have set up what Mail calls Rules for several  
different type of e-mails that I receive.

Everything from VirtualVairs comes into a separate mailbox just for  
VirtualVairs e-mails.  The same is true of FastVairs e-mails.  A third  
mailbox titled, "Joe" collects all the e-mails I receive from a friend  
by that name.  Finally, a separate mailbox collects ebay e-mails.   
EVerything else goes into my main mailbox.

This way, I don't have to sort through dozens of FastVairs and  
VirtualVairs e-mails to find what may be something important.  I can  
leave thousands of e-mails in my FastVairs or VirtualVairs mailboxes  
if I wish without clogging up my main mailbox.

I also have different Signatures set up to use depending on who I'm e- 
mailing.  As required by the rules, my VirtualVairs and FastVairs  
Signatures contain my whole, real name so readers can tell who I am  
and where I live.  I wish more would do the same.


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