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I wasn't intentionally targeting you, but rather others in general. Sorry
if you took it the wrong way. But I DO feel that it would be nice if group
meetings, tours, and tech sessions didn't have to be layered over other
each other or other activities. Heck, I often find interesting tours that
conflict with major events. Most of the time the convention planners don't
stop to think that such tours shouldn't be intended ONLY for the bored
spouses. At only one convention that I recall were certain interesting
tours scheduled on multiple days - a possible solution to such conflicts. 

Sure, I wish there were no conflicts, and that I could attend everything I
want to attend. But since everyone's tastes are different, I doubt that the
"perfect" schedule will ever exist. Even for me, there are "down" days and
there are "too busy" days. My solution is to prioritize, and use those
"down" days to socialize and cruise the parts vendors. You just NEVER know
what will pop out of nowhere at a multi-day swap meet.

In my way of thinking, those who DO feel that the convention is too long
probably 1)don't like to socialize with friends they see only once a year,
if that, 2)don't like to make new friends, 3)don't know how to use and
manage their time very well, and/or 4) don't like shopping or enjoy
exploring on their own their surrounding area. Good grief, there's ALWAYS
more things to see and do in any given area than the convention can
schedule in, if you just look around and plan ahead.

"Life is a banquet, and most poor SOB's are starving to death." -Auntie Mame


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> Subject: Re: <VV> Convention
> Mark,
> At least part of my intention with the initial post about meeting
> conflicts (Under the topic - Iowa Sched) was not intended as bitching. 
> it came across that way, please accept my apology.
> My purpose was to see what (if any) adjustments could be made and I was 
> hoping for suggestions along that line.  It seems that (from what I've
> on VV) I'm the only one who actually tried to make positive suggestions.
> I did NOT make any comments about Concours or any of the other regularly 
> scheduled events, but I do feel that the meetings are every bit as
> to the conventions as the competitive events.
> I'm pretty much a "roll with the punches" sort of guy and not a whiner, 
> complainer, or bitcher.  The thought behind that original  post was to
> another look and see if there was a way to improve things BEFORE the
> convention (somewhat normal it seems) bitching took place.
> Usually it is (the bitching) things like slow elevators or some other 
> uncontrollable item.  This seemed to me to be controllable and as such, 
> another reason for that post.
> I've been to Iowa conventions in the past and I've always come away
> Those folks DO know how to make conventions fun!
> Later, JR
> >I think people just like to bitch..... Like the old saying goes, they'd
> > complain if they were hung with a new rope. (G)
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> > -Mark
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