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Cheap and quick reproduction of the Communique has been available to every Corsa member for quite a few years.  Any member who wishes to give away copies can simply scan the magazine into a home computer and print as many copies as wanted.  It takes no longer to scan and print than it does to download and print.  So what does not allowing download accomplish?  Honest people will be honest.  Dishonest people will be dishonest.  Are there lots of Corsa members scanning the Communique and passing it out to non-members?

Jack O'Shea
Vegas Vairs

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    I thought I could stir something up!
    On a more serious note I take offense to your assumption that I will hand 
    out copies of
    the Communique to anyone I please.  If your mind works that way dp I cannot 
    help you.
    Mine does not work that way!!!

  Dennis is not personally persecuting or insulting you. He was pointing out that people could do that if it was downloadable. Maybe your mind doesn't work that way - okay! I am glad to hear it. But many others have no sense of honor or ownership. People who want a Communique to see what it is like? - No problem! Folks who want to get copies every month without paying their fair share of Corsa costs? Big Problem. Corsa is a club, not a business (although it has to do business to remain viable.)  Corsa has to hold onto it's intellectual property. It is not a charity, on either side of the equation. (giving or getting). I feel that Corsa, as a publisher, is in the same boat as the newspapers today. If everything you want is available on line, why pay for anything at all? 

  Seth Emerson

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