<VV> Membership survey, convention scheduling

Jamie & Tanya Reinhart jtreinhart at omnitelcom.com
Tue Apr 13 08:50:10 EDT 2010

All, I have been following this thread for days now and have formulated many responses to questions but have remained silent. I could expectorate for hours on these topics but I am very busy right now so I will limit my responses to this one. First off I am the one who pushed for the changes in this years convention so if all or parts of it fail it will fall on my shoulders. I am very well aware of the 2008 survey and the contents of it, but consider this, the survey was answered by 11% of CORSA members at that time. Is this a good representation of CORSA as a whole or is it the vocal minority? My final thought is this: 

We will not maintain or grow CORSA by satisfying the wants and needs of its current members, only by satisfying the needs and wants of others and providing choices to them and current members will we survive.  Thanks

Jamie Reinhart
CORSA Central Director

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