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I  presently have the stock 13 inch rims. I have the opportunity to get  4
brand new tires mounted on 14 inch Chevrolet rims.  What are the  pros and
cons in making this change?    Thanks

Russ - The change to 14" wheels/tires can be painless or painful! Some of  
it depends on the wheels. If the wheels are similar to the wheel width and  
backspace of the stock 13" wheels, that will lessen the impact. If the tires 
are  similar in width and overall diameter - maybe no more than an inch 
taller - that  will lessen the impact. You will have to get new wheelcovers, 
the 13's would be  a loose fit. If the 14" wheels are wider than 6 inches 
and/or have a backspace  less that 3.5 inches or if the tires are wider than a 
60 series (55 or below)  you might experience a different ride or handling. 
If you are getting a  185-70/14 tire on a 6" rim with 3.5" to 4" backspace, 
the only difference you  may experience will be visual. 

Seth  Emerson

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