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Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 01:37:26 EDT 2010


Hi all...I hope someone can respond to this question:

On my 1969 110 (previuos owner removed all the smog gear), I notice that when the curb idle mixture screw on the drivers' side car is adjusted, the idle is affected, which is nornal.   However, when I turn the idle mixture screw on the passenger side carb, absolutely nothing happens.  The engine runs the same whether it's turned fully in, or out.

The idle is a bit rough although the car drives perfectly.

UPDATE:  I had removed the catalytic converter that was on my car for a couple of years (installed at the back of the muffler) becasue, as some VV folks pointed out, the exhuast was getting sucked into the intake behind the rear window (exhuast was out the back, not to the side as with stock).  This had resulted in high CO readings inside the cabin.  I put the tailpipe back to the stock location and CO readings went back down.

My wife freaked out because the non-catalytic exhaust was too much for her senses and it stunk up the  house when I would take the car out of the garage.

So, I used a very short 45 degree elbow, installed the cat so the end exits out the corner of the car and downward a bit, put a chrome tip on the end, and patched the cutout in the rear grille that I needed before.

Problem appears to be solved, CO levels stay at 0 and the wife is happy.  Car looks more normal, too.

Best Wishes to my fellow Vairers...


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