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Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 14 15:48:44 EDT 2010

>So, since the oil companies don't tell you what they are doing, the
>ZDDP additive is a sure thing with a good synthetic oil!  

We are all conditioned to buying some certain oil because (name your 
reason here -- brand marketing works), but in truth, with this constant 
changing of the oils, one must buy an oil that suits their needs, and it 
is not necessarily the oil you bought last week.  All motor oils these 
days are combinations not only of additive packages, but also often of 
base oils, carefully formulated by "expert" oil formulators -- the most 
modern idea is to not mess with their carefully crafted formulas by 
adding your own additive package! Apparently there are some oils where 
more ZDDP simply doesn't provide the benefits that are sought.  Just buy 
an oil that is already formulated to meet your service requirements!  
[yeah, as if they'll tell you -- caveat emptor!]  So buy from folks that 
do tell you what's in their oil, and not because they run some nifty 
pyramid marketing scheme.

Meaning, avoid the ILSAC GF-4 rated "Energy Conserving" oils for your 
flat tappet motors; i. e., the recommended oil for that new Lexus or 
whatever in your driveway will be a different oil than what you want for 
your Corvair.

Just because Bubba had some oil's name painted on the outside of his 
Nascar racer is a poor excuse for using that oil -- it probably wasn't 
what was in the race car anyway, but he would never tell you that, even 
if he knows.  Nor would one expect the crew chief to jeopardize any 
sponsorship support, and he *knows*.

Anymore "synthetic" is even hard to describe, as there are several 
different classes of "synthetic" oils, and maybe or not they aren't all 
the same thing.


Bill Strickland

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