<VV> Strange Performance Flat Spot

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 15 01:45:33 EDT 2010

Well, if not "turn cutout" - which is pretty normal without mods to the 
carbs - on a tight (especially accelerating) turn, it could be a matter of 
carb sync or a matter of distributor advance not coming in soon enough.  I'm 
a bit perplexed since you seemed to indicate that it only occurs or right 
hand turns.  The floats are not set properly (equally) on both sides?  It 
could also be a matter of the secondaries not "coming in" soon enough (and 
not matched well with the timing advance [or not]).  Just HOW LOW is the 
fuel in the tank?  I doubt it is related to the E fuel pump.  But, I suppose 
that it could be related to slosh in the tank (that's a guess).

Start by filling the tank (with 93 or better octane) and let us know if 
there is a difference.  We can take it one step at a time.

Later, JR

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'65 Monza Convertible 4/140
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>I just got my 65 Corsa 140-4 back from getting work done on it. I was going
> to have all four carbs rebuilt, but unsnarling the linkage made rebuilding
> the two primaries unnecessary (?). The secondaries were rebuilt because 
> they
> haven't been opening up at all for about a thousand miles (since I bought 
> it
> last Fall).
> However, one problem I had before the servicing is still with me: when I
> make a hard right turn with the throttle on, it bogs down completely until
> I've almost exited the turn. Could this be related to the electric fuel
> pump? Or do I have something sticking in one of the primaries? It seems 
> more
> pronounced when the fuel level is low in the tank, but I'd have to fill 
> her
> up and try it again to verify that (somewhat fuzzy) recollection.
> Thoughts, gentlemen?
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