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Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Thu Apr 15 09:32:23 EDT 2010

At 01:20 4/15/2010 -0400, Michael Kovacs wrote:

>?It finally happened. I broke a heat control cable right at?the lever 
>under the dashboard. It snapped off where it is twisted to wrap around the 
>post on the control lever. Has anybody been able to repair this?

I recall doing this many years ago.  It worked for a while, then broke 
again in the same place because I could not quite bend it to the proper shape.

>?I'm going to attempt to make another twisted wire end for the post. I'll 
>try to anneal the last .75 inch and make a loop, without melting the 
>plastic sleeve or setting the car on fire. It is a little tight under the 
>dash board!

This might work out better as long as the wire does not become too 
soft.  You may want to look for a woven fiberglass heat shield used by 
plumbers for soldering pipes.

>?I do have spare ones, but the thought of pulling?all?the?covers off?to do 
>an R&R does not?interest me now.?I can probably make an adjustment at the 
>heater end?to compensate enough?for the shorter cable.

It will be close.

>?Also?is there a way to get some lube into the cable when it is in the 
>car? I usually try to put a little WD40 on the cable and assume it will 
>eventually move by capillary action?along the wire.?

WD-40 is little more that stoddard solvent with almost no lubricant once it 
dries.  A light oil, such as gun oil would work much better.

>I just had a thought.?I can?blow high press air to push the lube into the 
>cable, now that the loop is broken off.?

The air will help push it along and shouldn't hurt anything.  However, make 
sure to cover the whole area with rags in case some oil blows out. Air 
atomized oil can make a big mess...

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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