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Jim Houston jhouston001 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Apr 16 17:09:33 EDT 2010

You make some valid points... I will have to give some thought to the 
question between now and July...


On 4/16/2010 2:53 PM, Vairtec Corporation wrote:
> Jim, the AACA is a great organization, and I would encourage anyone 
> considering AACA membership to join.
> And, the question of whether CORSA membership is worth it to you is, 
> of course, a personal matter.
> But comparing your AACA membership to CORSA membership is apples to 
> oranges.
> AACA has more than 50,000 members.  If CORSA had 50,000 members, it 
> could either reduce dues dramatically or increase member services 
> dramatically, or both.  And if CORSA had 50,000 members, it is likely 
> that there would be a chapter closer to you, and that there would be 
> more events and activities.
> AACA caters to the full spectrum of antique cars, albeit within the 
> narrow range of preservation and restoration.  CORSA caters to a small 
> segment of the automobile spectrum, and then, within the small 
> segment, attempts to serve a wide range of interests, from 
> pickup-trucks to highly-modified race cars.
> AACA mints new potential members each year, as owners of another 
> year's worth of cars become eligible for membership.  CORSA will never 
> see that.
> Is AACA membership a better "deal?"  It depends entirely on what is 
> important to you, the individual.  In my case, because today I have 
> only Corvairs in my garage, CORSA is a better deal for me.  If I still 
> had my '48 Cadillac or my '36 Airflow, then I might lean toward AACA.
> All this said, I too am a critic of many of CORSA's current policies 
> and practices.  But I can't do anything about it if I am not a member.
> --Bob Marlow
> Jim Houston wrote:
>> I will probably not renew my Corsa membership in July..  why?  
>> Several reasons - first, I'm retired and $45 for a magazine 
>> subscription is not in the budget.  Second, my "local" club meets 80 
>> miles away and that is all they do!  One meeting every month.  It is 
>> very rare for them to have any other kind of happening during the 
>> month - other than a few cruise ins (most of which are also, miles 
>> away)..  I am also a member of the local AACA chapter (they meet 2 
>> miles from my house) and they have something going on just about 
>> every week - so many, in fact, that I can't do them all - and most 
>> are within 20 miles.  I don't do autocross or anything else that 
>> requires CORSA membership (or "coverage").. so, I can't justify the 
>> expense.  My AACA membership is $47 - which is $35 for National and 
>> $12 for the local club.  For that I get a bi-monthly magazine that is 
>> far superior to the Communique, and a lot more events that I can 
>> participate in.
>> Jim

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