<VV> CORSA Problems

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Fri Apr 16 22:36:38 EDT 2010

What is it with some of these people that they have to bad mouth CORSA.  They talk about how much better other clubs are.  They talk about how abused they are by belonging and not getting any benefits.  They talk about the board members and what a lousy job they are doing.  I'm not too smart but I recognize the fact that constant negative bickering has an eventual effect on people who might otherwise be content.  I have a suggestion for the folks that are going to quit and the ones that will never be satisfied with anything that is done.  QUIT.  Don't keep on bellyaching and tearing away at what remains of the club.  It may not be the best thing going but it is adequate for me and I get a lot of pleasure traveling around and talking to like minded individuals and meeting new ones.  And please when you decide to quit, just go away.  Far away.  Parting shots from small minded people are not an asset.  Finally if you do quit, stay away.  If you don't want
 anything to do with me and my friends, have the courtesy to stay gone.  Don't come sucking back to VV pontificating on what you don't like about CORSA.  Don't jack your jaws about what we should, would, or could do.  Nobody wants your opinion any more.  You are no longer a contributing member of the organization so keep it buttoned.                  Smitty

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