<VV> The End is near?

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Sat Apr 17 01:19:47 EDT 2010


No sense fussing about it.  We'll all be dead by then.

Any OTHER happy thoughts you'd like to share?

I still see T's and A's at shows.  Those clubs changed their rules along the 

Better to stock up on 13 inch tires and octane booster I guess.  Any idea 
what the shelf life might be?

Later, JR

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> While we are all fussing about what's wrong with CORSA it may all become a 
> moot point when we can no longer drive our Corvairs because technology and 
> market forces march us into obsolescence.
> You think it won't happen?  It is already starting. Oil, gas, and now 
> tires are all changing, but that is just the beginning. With the steady 
> push toward "green" technologies,  the industry will inevitably  move so 
> far away from the technology of the internal combustion engine that none 
> of us will be able to drive our cars.
> That will relegate all our old cars to museum pieces, assuming we can find 
> any that want them.
> CORSA will be the least of your concerns by that time.
> Bill Hubbell

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