<VV> Introducing Corvair Heritage Day!

Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Sat Apr 17 16:05:42 EDT 2010

At 09:34 4/17/2010 -0400, Dave Newell wrote:
>You beat me to the punch, Jamie. I couldn't agree more. With Rod's plan, 
>we have a chance to annually capitalize on last year's October 2nd 50th 
>Anniversary date. There's no better way to promote a cause than by having 
>a specific date to focus on, and there's no Corvair date that's more 
>historic than October 2nd. Here we are, less than 6 months away from the 
>Corvair's 51st Anniversary on October 2nd, so now's the time to embrace 
>Rod's box-busting plan!

When I first read the original announcement I was thinking that this would 
be a neat way to highlight each year of Corvair production for the next 10 
years.  This fall will be the 50th anniversary date of the 1961 new model 
introduction.  This fall we can feature and celebrate the introduction of 
the '61 line, including the station wagon, FC's, etc.  I can envision 
several articles in the Communique that discuss the vast changes 
implemented by GM for the 1961 line.

I have an old kitchen hot pad promotional item found at a rummage sale:
"A '61 for Everyone"

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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