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William Pierson billpier39 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 16:17:01 EDT 2010

    I have read enough about CORSA value and what $45 gets. The magazine isn't worth $45. I can get most of the info from other sources. It takes maybe 20 minutes to read . Most of the cars featured I have already seen at a show or convention. But I still look forward to receiving the Communique each month and I store them by month and year. Occasionally, I look thru them to find an article.That makes each copy a treasure. I do not want it by computer and I do not want it 6 times per year. 
    That said, then why do I send my dues each year? From Smitty in Virginia ,to Seth in Ca., to Lon in Oregon and Sarah in Fl, I have made friends. All unique and all with different interests than mine, except one. That is the Corvair. I look forward to all Corsa events that I can attend because of the people. What other way would I know the Jenkins in SC or Chuck in GA? Our local club is the same. All kinds of people. I travel 160 miles each way to a monthly club meeting. It costs almost as much to attend a meeting as my Corsa dues. For those who think CORSA isn't worth $45, get off your cans and go to events, meet the rest of us . You will find over the years that CORSA is a bargain.
    We are looking forward to  Helen Ga next week and Cedar Rapids in June, plus any other event we can attend.Hope to see some of you whiners there so you can see what $45 can get you.
Bill Pierson


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