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Carlton Smith carlton55 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 18 10:34:43 EDT 2010

Hi All,

To break up the recent chatter about Corsa and the convention I have a real
technical question to ponder?

Do any of the VV folks have experience with the older Carter (EKE) Engine
Knock Eliminator? In particular on a turbo engine? After two years of
ownership I am finally getting around to addressing the issue of detonation
that I have with my particular engine. 

The engine was totally rebuilt when I purchased it. It has a stock YH carb.
The turbo looks stock, but is not. It has a early intake housing 3817254
with a RayJay 302B40 cartridge and exhaust housing. It has the stock
distributor with the pressure retard. With this combination the turbo will
start winding up very easily even when going through normal shifting. 

The YH carb. was getting fussy and has been recently rebuilt and adjusted by
a extremely knowledgeable and competent Corvair mechanic. It runs great for
normal driving. But when I am out cruising, getting a little frisky and put
it to it, I definitely get detonation. So I have to back off the long pedal.

I always use 92, 93 or even 94 octane fuel. I have tried "all" of the major
octane boosters and they basically had no benefit in my opinion. The only
fuel that actually did not produce detonation was some CAM II fuel I once
tried out in it. It definitely like that stuff! But I cannot afford that for
daily driving.

I am aware of the modifications to the YH carb. that are possible. However,
I was wondering if the old Carter EKE would possibly cure the problem for
me? I know about the Safegaurd units , but those are really big bucks.

Any words of experience?

Carlton Smith
Indianapolis, IN
1965 Corsa 180hp turbo convertible 

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