<VV> Show your support for CORSA

peter koehler pkoehler01 at atlanticbb.net
Sun Apr 18 11:55:23 EDT 2010

Here is an idea for you VV'rs out there that still like 
and want to support our Corvair Society: Buy a T-shirt! I 
just went through the supply of shirts entrusted to me 
from CORSA Merchandise Chairman Jerry Brown. Jerry will be 
(pardon the pun) "out of pocket" for a while as he cares 
for his ailing brother in Idaho. At the recent AutoFair in 
Charlotte I picked up several boxes of CORSA items and 
I'll have them available at all future MuseumBrier Tour 

Have you seen the new Greenbrier by Chevrolet T-shirts? 
They even proclaim the wearer as a "Proud Member of 
CORSA". What an excellent way to get our message out there 
in the hobby! We have green ones and gray ones. Hey! The 
gray even matches the gray color of the MuseumBrier! How 
did they know? I think every FC owner should have at least 
two of these items in their wardrobe. They are a bargain 
at $11 each plus 15% for shipping. See me at one of the 
Tour stops and save the shipping. I've also got the 
special "50 Years of Corvairs" t-shirts in white and gray 
and some have pockets as well. I'll be at the Virginia 
Vair Fair on April 30th through May 2nd with the CPF 
Prototype Corvair engine display and these really cool 
CORSA merchandise items and more.

Have you ordered you new CORSA Tech Guide Volume 3 yet? I 
have a few boxes of these loaded in the MuseumBrier as 
well. At this time I have just the printed version, but I 
will try to get a supply of the CD's before the event in 
Leesburg, VA. These are $25 each and everyone out there 
who works on their Corvairs should own one of these 
volumes. Plus it will help CORSA trough these current 
tough times. Help CORSA. Get a cool t-shirt or an 
informative tech guide. What could be better? - Caveman 

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