<VV> suspension noise

lewisrishel lewrish at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 18 13:52:31 EDT 2010

Keeping in mind that these cars, and their front springs too ,are 40 years 
old, or thereabouts, it can easily be understood the springs are tired, same 
as my legs, and dont hold up the car the way they used ot. Result is a 
curved spring, not straight, that allows the inside edge of the coil to 
touch the spring tower and make a noise, as Guus has described, from going 
over bumps. So, Guus, get down on your back with a flashlight and take a 
look at those springs, see if there is a spot or two of bright metal showing 
on the inward side of the coil, or on the tower.  This spring sag will 
reduce the riding height too, so that is something that can be measured , 
and will give you an idea of spring quality.

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