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Other than discussing Rod's great CORVAIR HERITAGE DAY idea, for 
implementation's sake, either let's all go out and work on a Corvair, 
drive a Corvair, provide positive answers to queries on the list, or 
maybe go rescue a Corvair from someone who doesn't want it anymore (and 
start a new project).

'N' if'n that ain't sootable for ya, go find your favorite bottle and 
crawl in for a while.

Bill Strickland

Well said Bill. 
This week I am rescuing a '63 PG Coupe with dealer added A/C.
Last week we rescued a '65 Evening Orchid 4 door, PG, Factory A/C and AM/FM multiplex that had been parked since 1981.
Two weeks ago I rescued a '62 PG Coupe. It will be built for my daughter who is just about to turn 14. It's going to be a father/daughter project. 
I also am working on building a '64 4spd coupe for my Dad, plus working on my '65 140/4spd to get it ready for the show season. 

Keepin' Busy,
Scott Howey

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