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J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 19 14:36:43 EDT 2010

Over the last several Saturday's, a "buddy" group of 4 guys (one is named 
Guy), have been gathering for social and Corvair resurrection purposes. 
There are at least 3 vehicles in our target area at this time.  These have 
not run in about 15 years - and one of them - more like 25 years.

So far, we've got a Greenbrier back on the road and it will soon be for 
sale.  The second one - a '66 coupe - is now running as of this past 
Saturday.  It will need other things, like brake hoses, wheel cylinder and 
MC attention, and a thorough cleaning.  That one is a keeper and the target 
is to have it ready by (and drive it to) convention.

The third is a '64 vert (with one of those aftermarket hard tops).  That one 
will needs some body parts and a drive train.  We have a donor vehicle which 
will contribute the bulk of the needed parts.  That one is also intended to 
be a keeper.

We've been having fun doing this and putting non-functioning vehicles back 
on the road.

Later, JR

'61 Rampside Standard 4/110
'65 Monza Convertible 4/140
"Keep the Love Alive"

----- Original Message ----- > Other than discussing Rod's great CORVAIR 
HERITAGE DAY idea, for
> implementation's sake, either let's all go out and work on a Corvair,
> drive a Corvair, provide positive answers to queries on the list, or
> maybe go rescue a Corvair from someone who doesn't want it anymore (and
> start a new project).
> 'N' if'n that ain't sootable for ya, go find your favorite bottle and
> crawl in for a while.
> Bill Strickland

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