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Wed Apr 21 14:53:11 EDT 2010

shortle wrote:

>This part was "designed to melt"? I don't think so! I still have the original one on my '69 Monza Convert. #5044 with 81,000 miles.

Ah Hah!  See, the part on Tim's vert has already failed (to melt in a 
timely fashion) -- dang!  Better get a new one, pronto!

Seriously, many people have had no problems with the HRPT, but on the  
other hand, it has had an excessive failure rate when used as designed, 
ala Back When, when Corvairs were just cars that got driven, and weren't 
yet in the pampered 'collector' realm.  I'll bet Tim's convertibles 
don't even have the optional 'sky viewing port' that was typical among 
Corvair convertibles when they were just 'cars'.

Let's see -- at an average 12 thousand miles a year, for a car that is 
driven (ie, 'used') times 40 some years (Tim's is a 69 and now it is 
past 2009)  that would be 480,000 miles, so Tim is 400,000 miles short 
of 'using' his 69 --  He only has seven years use on this car, which 
actually is pretty good service from a HRPT -- good job of 'maintaining' 

I think there may be some merit to the 'chicken idea' ...

Bill Strickland

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