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Wed Apr 21 15:44:31 EDT 2010

jvhroberts at aol.com wrote:

> I've had enough of them go bad on me, melting being one mode, that 
> whether or not they were 'designed' to do so or not, they DO melt, and 
> with greater frequency than a part like that EVER should.

I'm sure the HRPT was concieved by an engineer, rather than a payroll 
clerk or a fender installer, so, since they do melt, one is forced to 
conclude that that is what they were 'designed' to do, because engineers 
are always right and never make mistakes -- or maybe it was the supplier 
that erred, or the supplier shipped the rejects to the Corvair line and 
the good parts to the Cadillac Division, or the supplier farmed the work 
out to an Aisian contractor (would have been Japan in those days), or 
they were installed incorrectly, or &c ...

But yes, the failure rate is notably excessive -- were it not, they 
would not have their special 'Horrid Red Plastic Thingy' moniker.

Bill Strickland

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