<VV> AM/FM Radio Schematics for Corvairs

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Seth -  Sounds Ok - I guess I have not seen a complete FM radio in my 
possession in  some time.


Eric - When I received your note back, I was reminded of my auto  radio 
manuals. Back in the 70s I played around with the AM-FMs, the multiplex  
adapters and even the 8-track under-dash units. I am speaking of GM units  here, 
not aftermarket. I remember buying the printed out Manuals from Howard W.  
Sams publications in Indianapolis, IN. They sold monthly collections at the  
local electronic parts place. Each month would cover 20-30 auto radios. I 
bought  the ones that covered the factory Corvair radios, both the AM and the 
AM/FM -  That one had the Multiplex adapter covered as well.  I did a web  
search and Sams has a download service available for the radio schematics. The 
 65 AM/FM is radio 986118 and the multiplex adapter is 986376 (But that is 
the  three-knob unit, the 4-knob 66-style unit is 986374. Look for Sams 
AR-29, March  1965 - It covers them both. The 67 AM/FM radio is 986865, it is  
covered in the June 1967 edition AR-43.  The manuals have full schematics  
and parts lists
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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