<VV> Powerglide troubles

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Sun Apr 25 11:57:50 EDT 2010

2 things.  1. I'm glad people gave stupid answers to the PG questions.  I didn't know such a book existed until then.  Sounds like something I can use for help.  What's Corvanatics contact info? 

2. I am having PG troubles.  I've driven corvairs for almost 30 years and never had a PG problem, until now.  Recently acquired '65 Monza 4dr w/45,000 original miles on it.  It sat for a good part of its life.  Did the usual re-seal and brake and fuel thing.  On the "shake-down" cruise, the trans shifted very hard, and late into drive.  Reverse worked ok, as did low.  Rats.  Well, i'll switch in a spare 'ive had for a while.  It should work, right? 

Well, not exactly.  It wouldn't shift out of low. Period.  So, I took both units to Jeff at the Corvair Ranch and looked inside.  Found nothing out of the ordinary, except the spare had a bunch of crap in it from sitting. The good original unit looked like the best choice, so I cleaned the valve body, checked everything and re-assembled it.  Now it won't shift into drive at all, and has no reverse!!!!   Thoughts and opinions, please. 

Randy "cap'n" Hook 

63 monza ragtop, 84/pg 

65 monza 4dr, 110/pg 

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