<VV> Gilmore Yenko Stinger

Robert Hawley iamrgh at charter.net
Sun Apr 25 19:19:45 EDT 2010

I am a CORSA member and also volunteer at the Gilmore Museum Library every 
week.  Since the museum is not yet open for the season, I will get into the 
barn that holds the Yenko (I know exactly where it is, but cannot remember 
if it is a Stinger) and get you the requested numbers for your records.  I 
will also ask the curator the origin of that particular car as I know that 
it is on loan through 10/31/10 for the Muscle Car exhibit.  I hope this 
helps in your information quest.

Regards to all, Bob Hawley (1963 Spyder conv)

> Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:26:34 -0700 (PDT)
> From: charles doerge <cdoerge1 at att.net>
> Subject: <VV> Fw: Gilmore Museum
> In an article about the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners Michigan, 
> Autoweek for April 19 say they have a Yenko Stinger.? Even if they spelled 
> it "Yanko".? This is new >information.?
> Is there anyone in the area who can go over there and see if they will let 
> you copy the numbers from the YS tag on the drivers side door post, the 
> VIN number and the numbers on >the Fisher Body tag on the frame near the 
> distributor.
> As CORSA's keeper of the Yenko Stinger Registry, I am very much interested 
> if determining if this is a new find or?the car which recently sold for 
> major dollars to a unknown person.
> Regards, Charlie

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