<VV> horrid plastic thingy upgraded

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 25 20:10:25 EDT 2010

I just picked up a 50 Amp circuit breaker for $6 at the RV store. Next Horrid!@$!@%#$ That cracks will be replaced with a circuit breaker like the '69 Convertible has. MIKE KOVACS 

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later GM cars had a similar post tie point made out of much better material 
, so i grabbed one to use on my 
upgraded modified harness in one of my vehicles. it is made of resin of  
some sort. i think this one came from a later caddy . mounts with one screw. 
has  a good sturdy post about  number 12 or 1/4 inch. 
i can get a picture of it , it is kinda hidden under the A/C stuff on left  
side of a 64 car engine compartment. does not look stock , (not used on 
earlys  anyhow) but it is sturdy! i needed it to add heavy power feeds for 
extras on  this car.
regards, tim colson

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