<VV> Rubbing Tires

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Apr 27 00:19:59 EDT 2010

At 11:51 PM 4/26/2010, Bill Kronen wrote:
>Gentlemen of VV!  I know this question has been discussed before but I'm
>looking for suggested fixes to correct the front tires rubbing on the
>fender bead,  Problem? After a mild resto-mod on my 66 Monza coupe, the
>addition of 15/6 Camaro Rally rims with 205/60/R15 tires started the
>rub. Tires fit the well, do not rub under normal straight line or
>turning but do if the slightest bump (entering driveway) occurs.  In
>retrospect, should have used 14" rims but since I haven't, what are the
>possible solutions to eliminate the rub.  Reply online or off!  Your
>choice!  Any suggestions appreciated.

Do you own a baseball bat?


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