<VV> Powerglide interchange

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 27 05:04:29 EDT 2010

>Everyone, ignore what I said about my '60 Powerglide and its 110 

Your problem, Tony, would seem to be that you think that you "know" what 
year model your PowerSlidey Thingy is -- you should be like me -- I took 
mine out of a $50 car (it was a 1960) but I have no idea if it was 
original (the one that came with my current 1960 had been laying 'open' 
on a dirty shop floor for years and I wasn't sure if I wanted to give 
that one a try) -- that car looked sorta like it had been to Panama and 
back -- so I can't really say mine is an early PS, for absolute certain, 
but, being a beginner at this automatic shifty lever operation (my first 
PS) I have erred a time or two, and it does pass the reverse at 50 test, 
and since I have not had this old motor that was probably original to 
the current 1960 apart, I "really" don't "know" what it is made of, but 
it does still have a factory style oil temp sender in it, so maybe it is 
original, but it runs dang fine so I don't think it is broke, so I don't 
have any reason to take it apart to find out what it is and "fix" it, so 
it 'could' be a big crank in a modified early case, but I don't really 
know ...

>Any comments I may have made will not be an accurate 
>reflection of how an early (and evidently) "worn out" Powerglide will 
>react to the larger engine.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this Tony, but again you are erring -- 
that tranny can't be wore out, 'cause, by all reports, you don't yet 
have to hitch up the horses to move the car, you just drive it, so even 
though you can force it to do weird stuff, it still links that 110 to 
the wheels good enuf to go down hills (if they're steep enuf), so I'm 
sure it works, meaning I'm equally sure it ain't wore out, yet.  Give it 
a few more engines and report back, please.

>I'll just keep driving it as-is, 
>defects and all until I can look into resolving that more rapid 
>acceleration issue I mentioned that everyone is supposed to 

You know, you can put one of them there four carb conversions on that 
110 motor, and get some more of that rapid acceleration -- enuf that 
maybe they won't ignore you at the next PowerSlidey-X event -- at least 
maybe enuf extra rapid to get you home before dark from that trip to the 
corner market for more favorite adult beverage

>    And then I'll still drive it.

here we get to the point -- I'm not a askin ya to walk, but if ya do, 
I'll ignore ya ...

Bill Strickland

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