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Thu Apr 29 16:02:10 EDT 2010

This is why I also bench bleed master cylinders. I then just bleed the air
out of the connections at the master cylinder and the job is finished. Very
handy here in the east where the bleeders have wrung off from the wheel

Ok, ok, it is not a proper job until the whole system is flushed. DOT 3 is
hygroscopic and needs to be flushed every few years. That's when we drill
out the wrung off bleeders and do the proper job. ggg

Frank DuVal

BTW, this applies to all cars I work on, not just Corvairs. Bench bleeding
can save headaches on the dual master cylinder types. Singles are really
easy to car bleed.

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You call it potAto, I call it potato. I think it comes under the category
of "whatever floats your boat". The only reason I bench bleed master
cylinders is you don't introduce a whole bunch of air into the system (only
a little when attatching the lines). This works for me.
Timothy Shortle in (snowing again) Durango Colorado

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