<VV> Non-Ethonol Fuel in Homestead Florida

mikeamauro at aol.com mikeamauro at aol.com
Wed Dec 8 13:01:56 EST 2010

Just returned from the Florida Keys. Other than an oil filter leak, the 64 Spyder performed flawlessly, and got about 22mpg driving the Spyder the way a Spyder deserves to be driven.

A big help was finding non-etholnol fuel along the way. Through this site: http://pure-gas.org/ , I was able to program non-eth sites into my GPS. Of particular help was a gentleman, John Sanchez, of Blaylock oil. Blaylock is located in Homestead, FL, and they offer non ethanol gasoline (Shell 91 Octane) at their homestead based bulk plant, 724 South Flagler Avenue, Homestead, FL, 33030, Corner of Flagler Avenue & Lucy Street (which is SW 328 Street). If you are down that way, and looking for non-thhonol fuel, they are good folks. 


Mike Mauro

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