<VV> Vega and Corvair

MSYVairs at aol.com MSYVairs at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 11:06:39 EST 2010

I had a 1976 Vega GT (and 3 Corvair's!!!) when I lived in Washington,D.C..  
Had the Vega as my street car and it was set up for autocrossing. Auto 
crossed  that car for almost a year and never had a problem with it! Had the 
front end  lowered and solid rear suspension bars to prevent wheel hop and 
specially made  (wider) wheels (forget who or where I got those!). Got rid of 
the car  because I was doing a LOT of highway driving and needed a larger, 
more stable  highway car!!!
Bill "Swamp-Rat" Hadley
Baton Rouge,LA

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