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Tue Dec 14 15:48:16 EST 2010

moonpie8n at comcast.net wrote:

>   HI  Bill , ....  what  you  have  described  is  exactly  what  you 
>  want  to  happen , ... A  SUCTION  DRAWN  ON  THE  CRANKCASE.... 
>  This  is a  good  thing, and  what  keeps  the  little  leaks  from 
>  manufacturing  the  spots  we  all  hate. The  only  problem  is ,...

 ... that with that little connection to the air cleaner, ala oem 
Corvair, there is no suction on the crankcase, and the balance tube only 
gets what fumes are forced out of the crankcase.  You need to cap this 
air cleaner line to provide said suction.  And, if you want to provide 
"ventilation", you need a fresh air inlet.  Generally, isn't ventilation 
is preferred for street engines, and suction for race engines?

If you don't get the leaks started by cankcase pressure, they are slow 
to develop by gravity, but once they get started, it is like opening a 
new freeway.

Bill Strickland

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