<VV> Spyder/Corsa turbo -- fast?

David Foster NeighborDave at roadrunner.com
Wed Dec 22 18:47:50 EST 2010

How fast is a 63 Spyder????????? What is top speed??????????
I don't think I have had mine over 85MPH.
I have never tried to spin the tires. The car does seem to accelerate very

Dave Foster
63 Spyder

Subject: <VV> Spyder/Corsa turbo -- fast?

The problem with us old people is the definition of fast has changed 
a lot.  The latest Bugatti iteration goes 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and 
zero to 200 and back to zero in less time than by 62 PG sedan makes 
to 60 ... that is a little sobering.  Contemporary magazines put 
Spyders and Corsas in the 10.5 +/- range for 0-60.  If you pick up 
any car magazine with their annual road test summaries you will find 
that there are between zero and 2-3 cars made now that are slower 
than that (depending on the magazine).  Mini vans are faster.  

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