<VV> Double Flair SS Fuel Lines

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 23 04:12:02 EST 2010

>Does anyone know what tools are best for thick walled Stainless
>Steel?  I have been trying myself only I can't seem to get it right.  
>I had a friend who took Stainless Steel lines and Swagelok connections and ... they
>still leak.

Stainless tubing is not a good candidate for single or double flaring -- 
it is too "brittle" and tends to split, although I have managed to do a 
few over the years that held together at least for a while, most went 
into the scrap pile.  That's why most shiny fuel lines are chromed, 
after forming and fitting -- check with your plater before pursuing this 
route, or perhaps check with a local tubing supply and fabrication shop.

I have a preference for the Rigid brand flaring sets, or other name 
brand sets in that identical style.

Although 'Swagelok' has a fine line of fittings, the ones probably most 
commonly available in Corvair fuel line sizes are a compression style 
fitting -- compression fittings are not recommended for fuel lines on 
engines due to vibration loosening and the resulting potential fire hazard.

Bill Strickland

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