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James P. Rice ricebugg at mtco.com
Thu Dec 23 16:35:59 EST 2010

All:  Define "reach"!!  VBG!!!

For whatever it is worth.

The answer to Bob's question of cost to get a Stinger is the same answer to
the cost of any article, new or used.  How bad does the seller want to sell
the item, and how bad does the buyer want to buy the item.

If no one wants to buy, then the item has no value.  If the seller does not
want to sell, there is do amount of money you can offer.  Usually there is
some number in between the two extremes.  But not always.  Wasn't there a
movie called "Indecent Proposal" on this topic?

Late in 08 or early in 09 a VG Stinger sold to someone for over $100K from
what I heard from someone who claimed to know.  There are those in the Yenko
muscle car community with more dollars than sense.  Some of these folks
apparently need to have one of each of Yenko's creations.  So they are now,
being fully informed of the Stingers which until a few years ago they knew
nothing about, going "backwards" for the first of Yenko's production cars.
Hence a demand not previously know.  But I think the demand is small, as
this group is likewise small. Once their demand is met...?!

While the number of such people are probably few, still, considering there
were probably fewer than 100 Stingers to actually leave Canonsburg PA in
full Stinger regatta, the price of a original and well taken care non-race
Stinger will be high if a willing seller finds a eager buyer.  So, if you
insist on a car with the finger prints of the employees of Yenko Sportscars
on it, then you can probably expect to pay two or three times the cost of a
Corvair in similar condition.

But if you just want to go relatively fast and have fun, especially compared
to other stock Corvairs, you can replicate the Stingers performance with the
catalogs of several suppliers and a much smaller beginning balance in your
play money jar.

Race car prices are another question.  There are but a few original Stingers
with significant race history that anybody cares about.  We could probably
count them on one hand.

You pays your money and takes your choices.  And chances.  As always.

Historically Yours,
			James Rice


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Are Stingers out of reach of the common Corvair enthusiast?  What is
the least someone would have to pay to get a Stinger? Not a restored
car or even a running car. $50,000? $25,000? Is $10,000 way out?

Bob Thomas 68 Monza

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