<VV> Why Chrysler abandoned the turbine (No Corvair)

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 21:59:00 EST 2010


Based on my research, you guys hit the nail on the head.  However, a Chrysler enginner was able to peel away and beat any piston engined car with the '63 Chrysler Turbine car.  Here's what he did:

1.  Plant foot firmly on the brake and hold it there
2.  Mash the accelerator to the floor, getting the engine up to around 50-60,000 RPM
3.  Release the brake.

Nothing could beat it, and certainly Chrysler never told any of the drivers to do that!!!

The REAL tragedy was the willful destruction of those gorgeous copper Ghia-built '63 Turbine Cars.  Only 9 remain out of a total of 51 or so that were built.

Part of the lousy fuel mileage was due to people who idled the car to show off to their friends and neighbors.  Chrylser got 18 mpg on a cross-country tour using a '59 Plyouth turbine, and certainly the '63, which had an improved version of the engine, would have done better...Bill Hershkowitz 69 Monza Coupe 110 PG


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