<VV> Spyder/Corsa turbo -- fast?

Rodney Spooner rodneyspooner at corvairgarage.com
Fri Dec 24 00:55:05 EST 2010

If you really want to drag a Corvair to a drag strip try bracket racing. At
least you have a fighting chance to beat the likes of the Bugatti Veryon,
the Tesla Roadster, The Shelby GT500, Porsche Turbo, Vette ZR1, Toyota Land
Cruiser with A/C, Nav, 4x4, leather, fantastic stereo, stability control,
and maybe even a F@#d Powerstroke pulling a trailer with a Corvair on

The Corvair was never intended to be a dragster (although I seem to vaguely
recall that there were several that were successful on the strip). Corvair
WAS, as we all know, THE KICK-BUTT SCCA RACE CAR to beat in its class for a
few years back in the day!!! Corvair could'a been a contendah (I think it
could've! I think it could've! I think it could've!) if Government Motors
hadn't pulled the R&D rug out. Just look what Porsche and Subaru has
accomplished and is still accomplishing.

Corvair set many records back in the day. I seem to remember something about
Pikes Peak. That's the stuff of Legends, kid.

I have (somewhere) a picture of a '65/'66 Corsa street dragging a dealer
prepped '69 or '70 something Pontiac GTO. The Corvair beat the Pontiac off
the line and was a full car length ahead when the picture was snapped. No
trick photography or Photoshop there. What happened after that...I could
really care less...maybe the Pontiac massacred the Corsa on the top end. But
I like to think that if there were challenging curves ahead, The Pontiac
would've been cursing the Corsa while choking on its dust.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Electrovair (I and/or II) got better
range than the Volt (how reVOLTing would that be???)

I LOVE my Corvairs. I have a dream...if only I had the money. (I think I
can! I think I can!! I think I can!!!)

Vairy truly yours,

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