<VV> Spyder/Corsa turbo -- fast & furious

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Dec 25 12:19:29 EST 2010

At 06:44 AM 12/24/2010, Rick Norris wrote:

>It sounds to me like the only solution is to install a Porsche engine in all
>Corvairs.....YEE HAW!

...wonder what that would cost...  ;)

For that matter, I wonder what a Corvair would have been able to do 
if it originally sold for what a "typical" car costs today.  I don't 
mean DOLLARS, I mean COST.  Yeah, I understand inflation and dollar 
to dollar/year comparisons.  I'm STILL just sayin'.

In the mid '60s the average income was around 7000 bucks.   You could 
buy a Corvair Monza then for about 1/3 of your yearly income.  Today 
the median income according to the Census is around 40,000 bucks.   A 
typically outfitted new car today that's as nice as a '66 Monza will 
suck up half that income if not considerably more.

It always seems that someone somewhere will constantly compare 
Corvairs to modern cars and criticize how "poorly" Corvairs perform 
compared to cars today costing twice as much as they should... dollar 
for inflated dollar.

I have no complaints with the way any of my Corvairs run.   I bet 
Rick doesn't have any issues with his, either.  ;)


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